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The Future of Aviation Consultation.

Read my submission to the DETR on the Government's Consultation
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A trip from from Newcastle to Turweston
with airfield photos (September 1998)

Sunderland Air Show August 1998
A mixture of old and new: from the Red Arrows to Spitfires and a Lancaster to F-16 and Harrier

Flying in and around Seattle
What a fantastic place to fly: the scenery, the sea, the mountains, the Boeings.... (April 1999)

More airfield pictures
Newcastle, Fife and Winfield

Ten go absolutely wild on the Faroes
An extraordinary wonderful weekend on remote unspoiled islands

Sunderland Air Show July 2002
Another mixture of old and new: from the Red Arrows to Spitfires, F-16 and Harrier, Parachutists and Helicopters

Sunday trip from Teesside to Oban
What do you do when you were supposed to be meeting friends in Yorkshire, but the mist was coming in from the North Sea? You go west instead, to Oban. I wondered why in 11 years of flying I had never done this before!

Ground Transport from GA Airfields

Database of UK and other airfields with details of how to get to the towns they serve by Public Transport or taxi. Query the database, or add your own entries to make this the fullest list we can.

Flying over Chicago

A circular flight including Meigs Field while learning to fly a complex plane for the first time.

Great flying days out from Newcastle

Where to go and what to do

Weather Planning - do I fly or not?

My own view on how to make that crucial decision!


This is one of the biggest PR issues facing General Aviation. There are things that can be done about it though. I have put information here on Skycraft Services who sell a range of certified silencers from Gomolzig of Germany

Mode S Transponders

An extract from some comments to my MP, further modified.

A survey of manufacturer's specifications on touring aeroplanes

A survey of flying club currency requirements August 1998

Contact Me

I would be delighted to hear from you, especially if you have an interest in flying

How long will that airfield be there?

Action for Airfields exists to promote the use, knowledge of and status of all our airfields (opens link in new window)

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