Why Beney.org.uk?

Simple really: my surname is Beney, and the domain was available.

Beney is one of those wretched surnames that can not be pronounced if you read it, and can not be spelt is you say it. It's said Beeney. OK? Variations have been

Apparently my lot all date back to a butcher in Hastings in the 18th century. Or were Huguenots. Or both.

My father James was a film maker, running Walton Sound and FIlm Services with Brian Harris, and as a result we have the only professionally made Kodachrome original film of the Coronation. My uncle Cedric is still alive and both grew up in "Clicklywitch" as my grandmother Irene called it (Cricklewood) and then in Walton-on-Thames. (And yes, my poor grandmother, born Irene Ward-Meyer became Irene Beney - and she did pronounce her Christian name Ireenee (think about it.))

My grandfather Frederick (or Fritz to my grandmother) was a distinguished barrister and King's Counsel.

I will write more some time!

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