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Data Protection Act 1998

I was privileged to represent the Higher Education Alumni Relations and Development sector when, together with Chris Cox (Newcastle), Chris Jeffery (Oxford) and Sue Rees (Ulster), we presented our operations to staff of the Data Protection Commission in an attempt to create some guidelines for operations (see below.) These have now been published by CASE Europe

In addition I have presented a number of seminars on the implementation of the Act for the Advancement sector in education, and below are some resources that I have created, or found useful. For many of these you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader available from

The Office of the Data Protection Registrar is now known as the Office of the Information Commissioner.

10 Frequently Asked Questions about working with the 1998 Act

Read as Acrobat Document

Guidelines for Alumni Relations Operations as agreed with the Data Protection Commission

Read as Acrobat Document

Presentation to CASE Europe Seminars on the Act
(Note in Principle 5 the word "not" should be inserted

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Link to Information Commission

The Data Protection Register: searchable data on every organisation notified with the Information Commissioner

The Data Protection Act 1998

Click to get the text of the Act

Read the Data Protection Commission's Guidelines on the 1998 Act.

I have placed this here since the Data Protection Web Site above is a little difficult to navigate to find these documents. This is a copy of the Data Protection Commission pages as at June 2000, and copyright is absolutely theirs. You should check their site (detailed above) to see if there have been newer guidelines issued. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the files.

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